Boil-In Bags

Boil-In Bags

You've probably heard of vacuum-sealed food bags that can help your food last longer in the freezer or out on your counter. But did you know that those bags are also a useful cooking tool for chefs all over the world? If you're looking for commercial boil-in bags that can be used for storage and for cooking, look no further… We've got them right here at!

Our boil-in bags are the perfect way to cook everything from rice, to chili, to ham. They can be used in your fancy commercial kitchen or out in the woods during a weekend camping trip. They are easy to use and affordable enough to take anywhere!

Why Choose The Boil-in Bags From

 What makes our boil-in bags your best choice in many cooking situations?

  • Our Boil-in Bags Save You Money

When you use boilable bags, you don't have to buy additional storage containers. You also don't need a bunch of fancy pans. All you need is a pot big enough to hold boiling water and your bag! And, because all of our boil-in bags are sold in  bulk, and at low wholesale prices, they are an incredibly affordable way to store and cook your food.

  • Our Boil-in Bags Make Your Food Taste Better

Because these bags have a special vacuum seal, they will keep air and moisture from getting in while you're storing your food. That way, your food will never fall victim to the stale or freezer burned taste that ruins so many meals.

  • Our Boil-in Bags Keep Your Food Safer

When you store your food in a plastic bag or plastic storage container, your food gets inundated with oxygen and moisture. Unfortunately, that makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and mold! However, our wholesale boilable bags are strong enough to keep air and moisture out. They're thick enough and sturdy enough to meet all of the commercial safety standards, as wells as the regulations from the FDA and the USDA.

So, What Can You Do Once You Buy The Boil-in Bags From

Just about anything!

Our wholesale boil in bags aren't just for cooking the basics. Our commercial boil in bags can also be used to create gourmet meals in your restaurant or for your catering service. That's because boilable bags are used in a special form of cooking, known as sous vide cooking. In fact, sous vide bags are used in gourmet kitchens all over the world!


Sous vide bags make it possible to cook juicier steaks and chicken than you could have ever gotten out of a pan or off of a grill. Because the food is cooked in a sous vide bag that locks in marinades and natural juices, your meat will be tender, juicy, and full of flavor every time! But you don't have to use these boilable bags just for chicken and steaks… Feel free to get creative and use them on any type of food you can imagine! 

Better, fresher food is easy to get with the wholesale boil in bags here at! We've used state-of-the-art technology to create a cooking and storage method that's tasty and affordable… You simply can't beat it anywhere else!

You can't trust any ol' bags to protect your groceries, leftovers, and products when they're tossed into boiling water. After all, the food you buy is an investment in your business. Buy the wrong commercial boil-in bags, and you'll end up leaving a bad taste in your customers' mouths!

Our Affordable Boil-in Bags Are Only A Phone Call Or Click Away!

Let provide you with boil-in bags that you can depend on. Give us a call today at (800) 555-1212 or Contact Us online to ask us any questions, or to get the ball rolling with your order… Trust us, it won't be long until you see exactly why we're called!