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Food Bags

How much money do you spend on food every month? Are you sick of throwing food away? Are you tired of eating things that taste stale? Is wasted food creating wasted profits for your business?

It's a simple fact of life - as soon as your food leaves the farm, it starts to lose freshness. If you want the best-tasting food, it's like a race against the clock to get the food onto the table or out to your customers.

However, it is possible to freeze time and get food that lasts longer. How? To do it, you'll need to buy the very best food bags… And that's where we come in!

Here at BestFoodBags.com, we specialize in bulk and wholesale commercial food bags. We've taken the latest technology and used it to create an affordable way to help you keep your food fresh longer! 

How Exactly Can The Wholesale Food Bags At BestFoodBags.com Help You?

  • Food Bags Can Make Your Food Last Longer

Even if you stick it in the freezer or put it in the best plastic bag or sturdiest plastic container that you can find, your food isn't going to last indefinitely. Unfortunately, most residential kitchens throw away hundreds of dollars of food every year. If you own a big commercial kitchen, how much food are you throwing away every week? Every month? Every year? You may not even realize what kind of dent all of that wasted food is making in your profits!

Luckily, the food bags here at BestFoodBags.com have been shown to keep food fresh 3-5 times longer! That way, you don't have to throw tons of food away because it got too stale, too quickly. Instead, you'll get to take advantage of fresh-tasting food longer than you ever could before. You'll get more use out of your food, meaning that you'll get to keep more money in your pocket!

  • Food Bags Can Make Your Food Safer

Our wholesale food bags are specially-designed to keep bacteria and dangerous germs out, so that your tasty treats don't end up making you sick later! After all, bacteria can lead to all kinds of food-related issues - like Salmonella, E Coli, and other kinds of food poisoning that make you feel rotten and are downright dangerous.

Even if you can't smell or taste anything wrong with your food, it doesn't mean it's safe to eat. If you're not safeguarding your food with the food bags from BestFoodBags.com, you're putting people at risk.

If you run a restaurant, a grocery store, or a catering business, even just a few cases of food poisoning can put you out of business thanks to word-of-mouth advertising - not to mention having the local Health Department banging on your door! But when you buy bulk food bags from BestFoodBags.com, you can rest easy knowing that everything you buy is strong enough to meet all of the commercial food packaging requirements. All of our food bags are compliant with both FDA and USDA standards.

  • Food Bags Can Prevent Air And Moisture From Making Their Way Inside

When you buy food bags, you never have to worry about things tasting stale or freezer-burned. That's because food bags keep the air and moisture out - where it belongs. No matter how long you leave your food bags out on the counter or in the freezer, they'll taste just as fresh as when you sealed them up!

  • Food Bags Can Protect Foods Of All Shapes And Sizes

Whether you have a giant loaf of French bread or just a small bit of leftover meatloaf, we've got perfectly-sized food bags to store it in! We measure our wholesale food bags by the pint, by the quart, and by the gallon so that you can protect both big and small treats. We also have continuous rolls of food bags that are perfect for packing a ton of little things.

And when you take advantage of our food bags, you can protect any kind of food. Whether you need to store a ton of seafood, protect your gourmet cheeses, store those awesome steaks, or keep your tasty pastries safe, BestFoodBags.com can help you do it!

  • Food Bags Make It Easy To See What You Have Stored In Them

Because they're clear, you'll be able to easily identify what's inside your food bags, without having to break the vacuum seal. That way, you won't have to worry about trying to figure out what kind of "Mystery Meat" is sitting in your freezer!

  • Food Bags Can Make Defrosting A Breeze

Did you store a bunch of meat in your freezer, and now you need to heat it up in a hurry? No problem! Our wholesale food bags are strong enough to go right into your microwave or into a pot of boiling water without melting or disintegrating. That way, you can defrost foods with confidence - without having to break your vacuum seal until you absolutely have to!

So, Who Needs The Food Bags From BestFoodBags.com?

If you have anything to do with food, you need to take advantage of our food bags!

Because we sell them at bulk and wholesale prices, our food bags are the perfect addition to any commercial business - like a grocery store, restaurant, catering business, or local food chain - that needs a way to keep food fresh and safe. Here at BestFoodBags.com, we pride ourselves on making it easy and affordable for you to protect your food!

Think of it this way - the money you spend on food bags now will save you a ton of money on wasted food later! Wouldn't you be willing to spend a little bit of money now to avert financial disaster later?

But you don't have to be a major retailer to take advantage of the products here at BestFoodBags.com. That's because our food bags are also the perfect addition to any busy home kitchen. You can use our food bags to safeguard your expensive groceries, send homemade goodies off to your kids at college, or have enough fresh food to take your son's Boy Scout Troop on an extended camping trip in the woods.

The food bags here at BestFoodBags.com can be used with a variety of different commercial and residential vacuum sealers. Not sure if they'll work with yours? Just give us a call at (800) 555-1212 or Contact Us online to make sure!

Our Food Bags And Wholesale Pricing Can Save You A Ton Of Time And Money!

You can't trust any ol' bag to protect your groceries, leftovers, and products. After all, the food you buy is an investment in your business. Buy the wrong food bags - or skip the food bags altogether - and you'll end up leaving a bad taste in your customers' mouths! Let BestFoodBags.com provide you with wholesale food bags that you can depend on.

Give us a call today at (800) 555-1212 or Contact Us online to ask us any questions, or to get the ball rolling with your order… Trust us, it won't be long until you see exactly why we're called BestFoodBags.com!